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An Invitation to the Miraculous




Some people live in joyful anticipation of the miraculous, mysterious, and bountiful opportunities life has to offer. For these people, wondrous circumstances seem to continually appear and reveal themselves, often heralding the appearance of wonderful opportunities and unexpected pleasures. Do you ever wonder how people come to locate and live in that emotional space?   And wouldn’t you like to be among them?

The key to living a miraculous life is staying wide open, ready for miracles to occur. People who live lives of great grace have mastered the art of inviting miracles into their lives–and making space for them when they appear.

Miracles are all around us, and we experience them every day. The human body, in all its complexity, is a miracle in itself. Crocuses that push their way through frozen ground to herald the arrival of spring are a marvel. Babies are geniuses, programmed to grow and learn at an extraordinary rate. The sun, the moon, the oxygen we breathe, and the way in which we breathe it, without thinking, without trying, are all miracles we take for granted. And the most miraculous of all? Our hearts, our thoughts, our emotions, and our ability to know them, experience them, and mold them.

People who live mindfully and allow themselves to experience the wonder of seemingly “ordinary” miracles are likely to be grateful and attuned to the goodness in their own lives. These people live in a state of anticipating magic. And that is the key: if we anticipate and expect magic and miracles, they will find us. They are already on their way.

Cultivating gratitude is critical if we are to invite the miraculous into our lives. When we are grateful for the things we already have, we are encouraging the Universe to send us more. We become more open to seeing subtle possibilities and opportunities all around us. A state of being thankful is a state of being open—and being open is, in itself, a state of grace.

Do you want more magic in your life? You can encourage the magical, and it isn’t difficult to do. Notice and acknowledge all the goodness in your life right now, and take a moment to be fully grateful. Appreciation and gratitude open the chambers of our heart- and create space for more goodness. The heart thrives on optimism, wonder, and growth. Our capacity for personal growth is, in itself, a miracle, and the human propensity towards growth is unending. We are all heading somewhere—and doing so with an open heart and mind, expecting the extraordinary, seems both efficient and practical.

In every moment of our lives we are consciously or unconsciously making choices. When we choose to see the dark side of a situation, we are shutting off our own creative energies. In choosing a gloomy interpretation of events we are not making room for the ecstatically unexpected to occur. When we choose to take a loving and forward thinking approach to our lives, we are supporting growth and happiness, and are thus choosing the wonder of possibility.

Choosing to see and believe in the miraculous, even when it seems impossible, is an act of faith in yourself and in the world around you. Faith in the world and all its mysteries is ultimately what guides us all, whether we are aware of it or not. The earth spins on its axis, the oceans do not slide off its surface, and gravity keeps us grounded. It is all a miracle, and we are all part of it. Harness its power; notice the wondrous and graciously invite it into your heart, mind, and spirit. And be ready, for good things are on their way!